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Plasmid DNA Manufacturing Services
  • Research and Pharmaceutical Grades
  • Endotoxin Free Plasmid DNA

ALS offers customized small and large-scale (mg – gram quantities) plasmid DNA isolation services that will be suitable for transfection and animal studies to both biotechnology researchers and pharmaceutical companies. Bacterial cultures containing plasmids are grown in your choice of LB, Terrific Broth or other medium. Plasmid DNA is isolated using ALS unique and proprietary technology.

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The advantages of ALS Plasmids are:

  • Free of Cesium Chloride and Ethidium Bromide
  • Free of Organic Solvents Such as Phenol and Chloroform
  • Certified to Have Low Endotoxin Levels (<1-2 EU per mg DNA)
  • Free of RNA, Chromosomal DNA and Proteins
  • Supplied in Choice of Your Buffer or Endotoxin Free Water
  • Wide Range of Quality Control Testing Including DNA Sequencing

For quality control purposes, we perform following tests* for all of our plasmid preparations:

  • RNA and Protein Contamination Test by PCR and Bradford Reagent
  • Genomic DNA Contamination by PCR
  • Endotoxin (Lipopolysaccharides) level by Cambryx’s USP LAL Assay
  • Purity of the Plasmid by A260/A280 Ratio
  • Identity of the plasmid by Restriction Digestion and DNA Sequencing
  • Bioburden for Microbial Contamination
Ordering Information
Item Catalog Number Price
1 Liter 7100 $ Please Inquire
5 Liters 7101 $ Please Inquire
10 Liters 7102 $ Please Inquire
Guaranteed Yield: 10 mgs 7103 $ Please Inquire
Guaranteed Yield: 50 mgs 7104 $ Please Inquire
Guaranteed Yield: 100 mgs 7105 $ Please Inquire
Guaranteed Yield: > 1 gram & up 7106 $ Please Inquire
* Certain tests will require additional charges. Please contact us for details.

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